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It's not a simple store. It is more than just the shine. We've tried to include it all.

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Diamond jewelry cleaning

A simple plan to keep your diamond jewelry looking beautiful is to have it cleaned once in a while. After you have it cleaned, use a soft, clean cloth to keep it shining bright daily.

Diamond setting care

Have an idea that other jewelers do not consider doable? Turn to us! We will set your preferred diamond on the ring or pendant you want.

Jewelry polishing

Jewelry needs polishing regularly. We provide the most affordable and convenient jewelry polishing services and do it fast with a delivery to your door.

Personalize your jewelry

Customary and regular is not for you? No worries. We can personalize your jewelry to your desire and taste. We have consulting hours and experts that will listen to you and make your ideas come true.

Diamond jewelry resizing

Resizing diamonds is a challenging task, but not for us. We have the specialists and the tools to carry out diamond jewelry resizing that will fit your needs.